Telling Immersive Stories

We are witnessing a revolution in storytelling. Publications all over the world are increasingly using immersive storytelling—virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality—to tell compelling stories.


The aim of this book is to distill the lessons learned thus far into a useful guide for reporters, filmmakers and writers interested in telling stories in this emerging medium. Examining ground-breaking work across industries, this text explains, in practical terms, how storytellers can create their own powerful immersive experiences as new media and platforms emerge.


Evolution of Media: Where Are We Now?

Section I: Context

1 Why Tell Immersive Stories?

2 Pivot Point Section

II: Immersive Media and Storytelling Styles

3 Immersive Narratives and News

Clouds over Sidra, Climbing Giants, We Who Remain, Limbo, The Occupation of Alcatraz, Euronews, VRtually There

4 Walk-Around Virtual Reality [Note: below links are not the best format to watch]

Kiya, After Solitary, Suite Life, Displaced Witness

5 Immersive Interactives

Discovering Gale Crater, Is the Nasdaq in Another Bubble?, Testimony, UTurn, Blackout

6 Mixed-Media Packages

Stand at the Edge of Geologic Time, Overheard, The Call Center, Capturing Everest, Hell and High Water, The Wall

7 Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Priya Shakti, Optimism, Outthink Hidden, New Dimensions in Testimony, Hello, We’re from the Internet, Olympians in AR, Terminal 3

8 Immersive Audio

Hallelujah VR, Reeps One: Does Not Exist, Designing Audio for Games

Section III: Bringing It All Together

9 Storytelling without Close-Ups: The Big Picture

10 Viewing Mode, Form and Content: Best Practices

11 Additional Features and Emerging Technology

12 Immersive Media and News

13 The State of Platforms and Publishing

14 Looking Forward



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